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This is my sporting arena for hometask 4. I know the first question you might ask is… what exactly is going on? Here, THE COWBOYS (my favorite team by the way, and if you come for them…you’re probably just a hater…or a giant’s fan), wins the Super Bowl. This is me at the stadium where running back Ryan Williams scores a touchdown for the team…but this time… the touchdown is not just for points. It wins the Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys for the first time in (I believe sadly 24) years. So, yes, at the end… I am ecstatic.

Yes, of course my favorite NFL team is highly unlikely to win the Super Bowl any time soon (they have to find their passion and confidence again because the haters have caused them to lose their spirit), but nobody ever said the home tasks had to be realistic… did they? So I used this opportunity to allow the Cowboys to make me proud (which they hardly ever do unfortunately, but faith remains). And they did just that by winning the Super Bowl. AND YES… I AM THE ONLY ONE CHEERING BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS ARENA ARE NON-COWBOY FANS AND THUS, DOES NOT EXIST. GO DALLAS!!!

Reflection: I wouldn’t say that the home tasks themselves are difficult to do. I mean, yes, they can cause challenges for people who lack physical creativity, like myself. But, they are not hard. I will say the hardest thing is the boundaries that the home tasks causes me to push. For example, my current home is being fixed, so I have to travel to my godmother’s house to get decent videos in. While it is frustrating, it is also teaching me to be less lazy and learn to find loopholes rather than excuses to accomplish the tasks. It is also challenging me to think outside of the box, expanding my horizon as to what I pre-set as my limited creativity. So, thank you home tasks??!

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