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This here is my home tasking 6 video. For this home task, I used my calmer, but busy dog, Sasha to capture this extraordinary moment. I turned Sasha into the coolest dog ever, using a pair of trousers (and a cool little hat to spice up the look). Her face in the video says “I HATE IT HERE”, but I promise, she loves playing dress up. I think the hat was just a little much for her in term of size and fashion…

This home tasks took a lot of effort as I said previously, Sasha is a very very busy dog. I first tried it on my evil dog, Kase, but after several bites to my hand that gave me the clear message to leave him alone, I moved on to Sasha. Although it took several treat bribing, chasing around, and funny faces, this video came out great. I mean look at her… have you ever seen a cooler dog? (I mean, maybe if I would have put sunglasses on her, it would have enhanced the look even more, but I’m trying to avoid making her into a little diva). Right after this video, she shook everything off, but you know they say: nothing lasts forever.

PS. thank you Sasha for allowing me to interrupt your sleep for this assignment!

Reflection: This home task was one of my favorite ones. Although home tasks as a whole are challenging for me as my home is undergoing renovations, it was more calm this week and actually made me laugh which I needed. I think the home tasks allows you to interpret things in a multitude of ways as they keep the tasks broad which I really like. They don’t define what “extraordinary” means– they allow you to define it yourself. They didn’t give us a specific type of trousers we needed– we got to choose it for yourself. And this flexibility is the very thing that makes the home tasks not only doable, but exciting and versatile. In a state of quarantine, this is the very thing that society needs because it allows you to explore your imagination and escape from the horrid reality that we are forced to battle throughout this pandemic.


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